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Online Hookah Stores We Recommend

A recommended store is a vendor that we believe is a trustworthy business and would meet your expectations. We have high standards for accepting new stores and feel comfortable recommending to you. These stores:

  • Have a valid mailing address
  • Offer phone support M-F during business hours
  • Publish their phone number on their website
  • Have been in business for at least one year

Please note that if a store is not listed on this page it doesn't mean they cannot be trusted.

Our promise to you: If an issue arises after placing an order with one of our recommended stores and is not resolved through their customer service, we will do our best to mediate between the two parties and help resolve the issue.

  • Hothookah - This site offers a very nice selection of hookah's and cool accessories for sale at bargain prices. We were very impressed with their authentic Syrian style hookahs. Definitely check them out. We recommend them.
  • Hookah-Shisha – One of the best sites out there to order hookah supplies. We've never had anything but great experiences from them and always have a huge selection of the latest products.
  • HookahHookah – A site we recommend highly and also allow you to customize your hookah or shisha orders. They also sell their own shisha which is one of our favorites for its taste and smoke quality.
  • SouthSmoke - One of the biggest players in the game. Always top notch service and amazing deals every week.
  • – A solid site with a great reputation.

Cool New Hookah Products

  • Soguk - The Soguk (Turkish for "cold") Cooling Hookah Hose Attachment is an innovative hookah accessory made in the U.S.A. that drastically cools hookah smoke and removes harshness for over an hour! Similar to the Mystique Ice Hose Tip, this self-contained unit fits over the end of almost any hookah hose and provides a chilling, refreshingly cool smoke.
  • Shishavac – The Shishavac is an innovative, world-class appliance that every hookah aficionado loves to own. This designer, multi-tasking machine allows you to effortlessly start your hookah in seconds, burn natural hookah charcoal neatly and safely and most importantly, effectively clean your hookah hose, which means a cleaner, more fulfilling smoke.
  • Smoke Skreen - Smoke Skreen is a patent pending hookah water additive that increases the filtration of your hookah smoke. Produced and tested by a team of hookah aficionados and a University Professor, Smoke Skreen reduces harsh hits and improves the flavor of the smoke!
  • Hookah Homes - Does the carpet underneath your hookah resemble the surface of the moon due to burn marks from spilled charcoal? Whenever friends are over enjoying your hookah, are you paranoid that a clumsy hookah noob will pull it over by the hose? Introducing the Hookah Home, an innovative hookah accessory that provides the ultimate stabilization for your hookah, making it the best "carpet insurance" in the hookah world!

Shisha Brands We Love to Smoke

We love to try all the different brands and flavors of hookah tobacco we can get our hands on! With so many great options to choose from, you might find your head spinning trying to select just one. We believe it all comes down to what your personal preference might be. The list below gives a brief run-down of some of the brands and flavors we recommend.

  • Nakhla – Although we love trying out new brands and flavors, we always find ourselves coming right back to Nakhla! A classic brand that has proven the test of time and continues to be our favorite. It is also great for mixing with other shisha brands to give you that extra buzz feeling. We highly suggest trying: Rose.
  • Starbuzz – Starbuzz is another Premium shisha line and is known for creating huge clouds that will consistently fill your mouth with tremendous flavor. Starbuzz creates contemporary flavors inspired by metropolitan lounges. This shisha offers something for everyone with a balance of fruity, sweet, and sometimes spicy. We urge you to try the ever so popular and highly celebrated flavor "Blue Mist" among others.
  • Social Smoke - is one of the newest competitors to hit the market. Made in the USA, it offers a long and growing list of unique and delicious flavors. Social Smoke Tobacco is the result of 5 years of independent research and development and we are definitely avid fans of the smoke and flavor quality! Well done Social Smoke! We recommend trying: Absolute Zero, Baja Blue, Mobster, & Tiger's Blood.
  • Hookah-Hookah - Hookah-Hookah Tobacco is one of Hookah Bars favorites. It is a lighter, smoother smoke that produces great clouds and intense flavor. We found there to be little to no after taste and the cut is fantastic and unique. The smoke is sensationally enjoyable and a brand you can't go wrong with trying. No need to worry about artificial dyes or dripping with this brand. Another great shisha made within the USA along with Starbuzz and Social Smoke.
  • Fumari - We rank Fumari's unbeatable smoke and long lasting flavor into the Premium shisha line category, ranking alongside favorites such as Romman and Starbuzz. Fumari shisha specializes in more contemporary and exotic flavors rather than traditional. Fumari's smoke quantity will surely impress you. Don't be surprised to become quick fans of their infamous Jello flavor!
  • Romman - Romman is considered a premium shisha line and never fails to smoke long and taste great. We've tested certain flavors that have smoked up to 2 hours, continuing to sustain the flavor to the very end. Romman has recently added a few contemporary flavors, but still focuses on getting their traditional fruit flavors to hit the spot. Romman uses high quality tobacco causing there to be less harshness when the smoking session dwindles.

Share your thoughts & opinions with us. If you feel like we've missed something, or think you're product should be featured here, please contact us. Help us recommend better products while helping your fellow smoker make smarter purchases.


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